Hodos – An Apostolic Network for the 21st Century


HODOS is a Greek word from the New Testament which is translated as way, path, road… Whether it was Jesus who said, “I am the way”; or Paul who wrote, “I show you a still more excellent way”; or the author of the book of Hebrews who talked about “… a new and living way” (which Jesus inaugurated for us); or the name given to the early Christians (Followers of the Way); it was always referring to hodos. A voice cries in the wilderness, “Prepare the HODOS for the Lord.” (Luke 3:4)


The apostolic mandate of the church of Jesus Christ, far from being complete, is being developed in an extraordinary way. The spirit of Elijah is raising up fathers who have no greater joy than to walk with their children in pursuit of their destiny. In the French-speaking world in particular, where the historical absence of true spiritual fathers has been sorely felt, this new apostolic company, like John the Baptist, is a revolution for the next generation that will establish the kingdom of God in a spirit of honour and humility.

If we go back to the beginning, the basic strategy of Jesus, and then of Paul, was quite simple: an apostle surrounded by a team with a mission. The book of Acts shows us how apostolic centres were quickly developed. They were true bases of operation for the apostles and their teams, who went out and founded communities of believers around the world, having a tremendous impact on society. These new communities stayed connected to each other through organic networks, releasing a great power of transformation. Apostles, teams, centres, networks, transformation – the original model has been reactivated today in order to conquer, occupy and transform the kingdoms of this world for Christ. (See the article An Apostolic Blueprint for the 21st Century.)

The emergence of apostolic centres is the most recent and most radical transition that is now shaking the traditional structures of the Christian world. If the restoration of the ministry of the apostle, which is still ongoing, has caused waves, the establishment of apostolic centres will seem like a tsunami. All of these new types of networks, such as HODOS, will connect apostolic centres in a relational structure that can contain and support the vibrant life of this explosive transition.

When I was set apart as an apostle by C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce, the vision that was burning in my heart reflected these dynamics:

To activate the transformation of local churches into apostolic centres and link them into apostolic networks in order to establish alignment for territorial transformation.

The HODOS apostolic network is one of the foundation stones of this vision, one step closer to the church Jesus dreams of.


Anchored in the heart of the francophone world and open to the nations, the HODOS network will allow apostolic alignment of leaders from various circles: ministries, churches, apostolic centres and businesses. The network will include a wide variety of gifts and operations, in both the traditional framework of the church and in multiple spheres of influence in society. The purpose of this network is to provide apostolic alignment to its members, with the blessing that that entails. HODOS desires to help each leader develop the sphere that God has entrusted to them and to coach pastors who have an apostolic call to transform their local church into an apostolic centre.

HODOS is primarily a relational structure, a new and flexible wineskin, which departs from traditional rigid models. It brings together a large apostolic company that stands at the feet of Jesus, nourished by grace, burning with passion. The members of this company stay connected by apostolic and prophetic communications, personal meetings and conferences, always remaining attentive to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. We believe that the francophone world will soon see a global movement of the Spirit that will spread in many nations, and that Quebec, in the heart of Canada, has been strategically reserved in God’s plan to serve in this great harvest. We hope that HODOS will play a leading role in this as a meeting point for many ministries that have a heart for unity, in a spirit of service.

Each apostle is given their own sphere of authority by the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:13-15). The HODOS network is one of these spheres. I have the privilege of leading the network with a multifunctional apostolic team and of being apostolically and prophetically aligned with Chuck Pierce and C. Peter and Doris Wagner from the Global Spheres network, as well as with Doug Schneider.