To Join

HODOS is an apostolic and prophetic company, a new wineskin that brings together active leaders for the advancement of the kingdom of God. Whether they are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers; whether they operate in the traditional structure of the church or in another sphere of influence in society; whether they lead ministries of worship, intercession, healing, or others; any of these agents of change desiring apostolic alignment can join HODOS.

HODOS is a vehicle for breaking the isolation and fragmentation often experienced by the servants of God, especially in the francophone world. There can be several ministries at work in the body of Christ, but if they are not properly aligned, the work is done without unity or an overall plan. The apostolic ministry has the ability to unite the members of the body so that they can hear and follow the instructions of the Lord. When this apostolic alignment is in place, there is a governmental order that can operate and move forward efficiently. Joshua would not have become the leader of Israel without aligning with Moses; the group of men who were in distress would not have become mighty men without aligning with David; Timothy, Titus and Luke, to name just a few, would be unknown to us if they hadn’t walked with Paul. Aligning with apostolic authority remains a key to growth and destiny. HODOS is apostolic alignment for today.

To keep the connection alive, we are going to organize various types of meetings and exchanges to facilitate a dialogue between us (in person or via technology), communicate regularly, write articles on the apostolic model, share prophetic messages and strategies to develop our respective spheres and reap the great harvest that is ready more effectively. Experienced teams could also go on specific missions to help members have breakthroughs where they live. Intercessory support will also be available for critical periods that members are going through and to support their work in the harvest. Far from being limited to the local level, our focus extends to all nations, for a transformation of the foundations of society by the kingdom of God.

In practical terms, HODOS can commission people by the laying on of hands and can give them ministerial recognition. If people need ordination (official recognition) it can be done through Église Le Chemin, which as an apostolic centre, occupies a central position in the HODOS network.


Membership in HODOS is by invitation only. You must agree with the vision shared on this website, then be prepared for two things: to maintain relationship and to give.

To maintain relationship you must take the time to read the communications that are sent, be ready to develop ties of friendship with other members and participate, to the extent possible, in the various meetings that may take place, especially the annual conference at Le Chemin apostolic centre, in Gatineau, Quebec. Our approach is not exclusive: HODOS members can continue to be part of other networks or associations. We respect the various structures that coexist in the body of Christ and we encourage multiple alignments.

For financial support, we ask members to donate on the principle of firstfruits. These donations are voluntary – we don’t have a fixed percentage or minimum amount required – but we do expect members to give generously and regularly. These gifts, made in a culture of honour, reveal the heart and express the value that is given to alignment with HODOS. We are developing a new relational model for the harvest, and leaders who join must believe in this and be willing to invest in it. It is up to each individual to develop their own strategy of investment in this network.

If you are invited to join HODOS, we will ask you to write a short biographical note accompanied by a photo, as well as an outline of the vision that God has entrusted to you. This will be placed in the directory of network members on our website.